Operational Excellence


We document and evaluate business critical and support business processes and information systems based on Deming’s Management principles, Hammer’s BPR thinking and our extensive experience with Business Process Optimisation across industries. However, in order to ensure optimal employee involvement, we employ a hands on, pragmatic approach using low tech tools and techniques which efficiently captures ideas and improvement potentials from all levels of the organization.


The ultimate buzzword ? In our experience most LEAN initiatives fail to deliver the expected results because businesses tend to apply a top down approach to implementing LEAN initiatives. The DNA of LEAN and Toyota Production System is harnessing positive employee behaviour and input to a continuous improvement based organization driven by incremental changes in process flows and ways of working. We make this happen by actively spending time with your operational people, understanding their daily challenges and opportunities and helping them define, document and implement improved ways of working, procedures and behaviours.


We define productivity as output per invested input unit. Nothing more, nothing less. Thus, we understand how to help you improve productivity all along the value chain. This work encompasses strategical, tactical and operational considerations, i.e from production philosophy over internal work flows and planning systems to organization of work and individual productivity.


Availability and reliability of your production equipment is paramount for your operational performance and profitability. However, we all too often see maintenance not being given the focus and resources needed to ensure the production capabilities and availabilities which are crucial to maintain operational excellence towards your customers and stakeholders. Building an efficient maintenance regime is a major change initiative in its own right, not the peripheral support initiative many companies seem to consider it to be. Our unique approach is to integrate production needs with maintenance capabilities to define maintenance philosophy, service level agreements, common goals and objectives, processes and systems and future ways of working.


The success of any business is inherently dependant on operators and management being able to make the right decisions at the right time. As humans we make decisions based on a combination of available data and intuition. In our opinion intuition cannot be taught and is a product of the individual’s experiences and personal preferences. Thus, from a business perspective, we can merely leverage the availability, quality and transparency of the data we utilise in our decision making support systems. This entails building an integrated order to invoice management operating process / system governing the value chain following the operational cycle : Budget / Forecasting, Planning, Execution, Reporting, Follow Up and Continuous Improvements.


The manufacturing philosophy companies employ is often based on tradition, organizational inertia and insufficient focus on customer needs. Having a close look at the way we organize the business from a manufacturing perspective will often generate astonishing results. Combining theory with reality in analyzing the business’ AS IS and TO BE situation enables us to help you decide on the business models best suited to ensure you satisfy the need of your customers whilst enhancing productivity and profitability levels. This meaning employing Push, Pull, Production To Order, Theory of Constraint, Bottleneck Management, Path of Least Resistance  etc. or a combination of these individually adapted to your potential.