Case Life Sciences

About the Client

The client is a global plasma fractionation business with head quarter in Vienna and main European production units in Switzerland, France, Germany and Sweden

Client Challenges

A comprehensive analysis across the business units uncovered significant variances in ways of working profitability levels across the group.

The business was experiencing large variations in profitability and cost profiles between the individual units, the causes for which they were not able to identify.

Transformation Project

We did a project in the above mentioned production units in order to identify strategic margin improvement and cost reduction improvements.

Improvement potential and possibilities for group wide best practice sharing concerning pricing, Value Add, and Customer Collaboration were identified and quantified.

This was accomplished applying problem ID and solving techniques : Value Add process analysis, Benchmarking, Competition Behaviour Analyses and cross organizational workshops.


Transaction times were reduced significantly and numbers of errors was minimised.

Coherent processes and systems based on Best Practices were implemented across the business units.

Production downtime decreased by 10 %.

Reported GMP production variances were reduced and time to solve was improved by 40 %.